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Being the wife *Monserrat G. Blancia* My Late Husband Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia,

The First woman who introduced the Philippine Culture.
Kung Fu Filipino Martial Art Yoga...
in the Philippines year 1962.
Madame Monserrat G. Blancia
with her son & daughter, John Philippides & Glady's Blancia.
Location: Bacolod, Negros Island of Panay.

With all the best of my knowledge, being the wife
of Grand Master Angel L. Blancia, I testify that
he is the Only One Original full time pioneer
Grand Master in Martial Arts in the country of the Philippines.

It is unique in the worldwide Martial Arts History Museum Blancia.

Behind the closed door since long time ago.
The Man.The Myth: "A sacred story, he recounts an event
that took place in primordial time, the fabulous time of beginnings"
There is a new voice being heard in the public worldwide.
The Great Legend. This untold story, photos of
my Late HUSBAND Legendary Angel Blancia is unfunded according
in any stories martial arts. Hide by his Former Students FMA, CFMA.

In September 21, 1972, Ferdinand Marcos, twice elected President of the Philippines, imposed martial law and assumed dictatorial power to control news, life. It is useful, therefore, to assess how Grand Master Blancia have affected his Blancia Academy Martial Arts. That's why, former President Marcos Declared Martial Law In order to covered the true story of the filipino People is the worldwide. Only his will are allowed to published on the media, newspaper, radio, tv and so forth. With fully supported of every individual's are those people behind with them, which is until today.

Filipino Martial Arts & Chinese Filipino Martial Arts story was already published here in western foriegn countries not in Philippines because The creator of Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts Grand Master Angel L. Blancia prominent from Philippines and his entire family Blancia System are still Alive and can to recognized them if they're came to Philippines to open their academy and the same time they're using another nationalities "half filipino" nor their families foreign blood to open their academy in the Philippines.

Much of the established Martial Arts arts/systems said that Doce Pares Kali Escrima or Arnis, Kung Fu Tai-Chi was weak and impractical in the 70's and prior years. That could be your downfall Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Filipino Martial Arts. So those students under their training timed are run away in abroad in 1960-70-80-90- 2000 to explored the Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts then in 1958 the government Philippines asking to my late husband training military, bodyguard security, police, practitioners filipino, filipino chinese and chinese to Manila until 1959...My late husband Angel Blancia had taught the Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts Yoga.... to Bacolod 1959-1967, Iloilo City 1967 until 1988.

"It's really amazing, Former Students Filipino Martial Arts worldwide, family, friends, relatives, fellow co-workers, association speculated that the photos is fake, may be a fake photo to a lost civilization, but us Blancia family are suggesting that it is an authentic photos in this album. A photo is a naturally occurring phenomenon that happens because we known them. Everything you are against, weakens you because you are afraid to know what's the truth of MY LATE HUSBAND LEGENDARY GRAND MASTER ANGEL L. BLANCIA.

We are not surprised if they denied their origin as what they deed, intentionally done.

Pictures are worth a thousand words!!

From my daughter Gloria Blancia : Furthermore, seldom my fellows filipino applause to welcome us majority in Filipino Martial Art worldwide, family, friends, relatives, fellow co-workers, association ect. Blancia family have received so many insulting words, humiliating words, criticism about ours untold stories and authentics photos of Former Students.

My late husband Great Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia.

Grand Master Angel L. Blancia is typical Filipino is a world war II USAFFE Veteran guerilla fighter against the Japanese invaders of the Philippines. He hailed from Culasi, Antique, Panay Island, Philippines a coastal town in the Northern part of the province of antique. After world war II (1947); during the year 1948 until 1957 he worked with Major Richard Banning and Major Kenneth Alexander and he went to live in the U.S. and he was stationed in USA San- Francisco, Okinawa Japon, India, Vietnam, Korea, Venezuala, Cindad Mexico,, Asia, Dilligham, Guam, Miami, Alaska, Thaillande, Hong Kong and Philippines; Manilla.

My late husband Angel L. Blancia was proud to have served for 16 years in the U. S. Air-Force and USAFFE Veteran Guerilla Fighter - as a military.

The Great National Hero

His mind power, strong conviction, confident with actual
experienced in his life especially during the world war the 2nd.

Grand Master Angel L. Blancia is TYPICAL FILIPINO is a World War II USAFFE Veteran Guerilla Fighter in combat operation against the Japanese invaders of the Philippines. He hailed from Culasi, Antique, Panay Island, Philippines a coastal town in the Northern part of the Province of Antique. After World War II he was stationed in USA San Francisco.

Everyone will be surprised if he really knows what his background way back 1927 until he succeed in second war 11 not only in the Phillippines but he also serve in other countries. His mission is a secret espionage. kill to kill if he is not lucky he will die anytime at that timed. Well, his capacity is not just a tournament by point system but reality between life and death.

Expertise to shared his knowledge about the martial arts in the late 1959. In 1959 he restored the School of Martial Arts in the Philippines. In short rapidly globalize in different regions. Thousands of student had undergone training from Grand Master Angel L. Blancia. Succeed from his sons and daughters . It is indeed; that his two sons expertise the martial arts skilled as well as his four daughters taught by his father.

He is the author and source to let his fellows human beings known what martial is. A decade endeavors of Grand Master Angel L. Blancia inherited from his descendant. It has prevailed his clan system the following code which represent his arts skilled. From his generation to generation and globalize in the whole world, his arts skill was openly extended and it was handly down to his sons and daughters. Were now entrusted soley to her daughter Grand Master: Gloria G. Blancia.

Fantastic and remarkable task of Grand Master Angel L. Blancia remain us always and forever never stop his heroic symbolism for what so called the National Hero as well as Artist of the Philippines.

He stayed San Francisco California way back years 1947.
Accompanied by Diosdado Macapagal return the Philippines 1957.
He went back in the philippines December 1957, got married 1958.
He started teaching years 1930 and until years 1959 and during 1959 are officially restored the school of martial arts.
Never one attemp to fight the Grand Master Angel Blancia coz they are all understand impossible for them to defeat in person.

About his popularity, absolutely countless. In late 1959, no one else around the Philippines got a school of martial arts. It was the 1st in Bacolod Negros Island.

However, there are still active groups, led by the second generation students ; students of Bo Sayoc Baltazar, Sid Ascunsion, Al Dacascos, William Chow, Dan Inosanto, Alberto Dacanaya Sr. Nene Jersen Tortal Sr.,Ciriaco Canete, Dionisio Canete, Bruce Lee.... are one of Grand Master Angel L. Blancia's first students late 50's early 60's and the first generation are their grandfather and theirs father... It is indeed, 1st , second, 3rd until 4th generation exploring the integral arts of cuture that it was came from Blancia System.

His martial arts skill is fantastic, especially his 3 fingers. He got a power and forceful fingers that can be damage the person. Ive had seen with him in person, how powerful he is in actual.

His intellectualism in self defense mechanism included his experienced in world war 2nd between Philippines / USA /Japan particularly in the Pacific East are the most notorious fights that he had experienced in his life`s history.

KUNG FU is the root of all martial arts.

Forbidden Oriental Fighting Arts Kung-Fu
A native art from the East created
"Late Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia "
in the Philippines.
Originated from the Philippines tracing back
from his great ancestor in 18th century.
It was proven by his timed the art`s of Kung -Fu
was continued proclaimed thru the courtesy
of Late Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia
in 19th century not ancient timed.

The first school was officially recorded in the whole Philippines. His artifact got the proof about his photographs and authenticated recognized by representing the true origin and creator of KUNG - FU FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS YOGA.....

What is the historical relationship between Doce Pares Arnis Eskrima Kali, Blades Arts and with the style of Shaolin, Wing Chun, Chi Sau, Jeet Kune Do, Wushu etc.... ? It is time to change the status quo. Blancia Family are all practitioner of the latter, and observe that the Former Students Filipino Martial Arts and Chinese Martial Arts.

KUNG FU is the root of all martial arts.
In 1964-65; The term kung fu was popularized by Bruce Lee in USA.
The term Kung Fu exist in the Philippines since long time ago.
KUNG it's a word tagolog is FU (Filipino) is a code of my late husband to recognized his former students. Kung Fu is from Philippines.

Kung Fu Fillipino Martial Arts is the code
of Grand Master Angel L. Blancia
to recognized his Former Students.

Forbidden Oriental Fighting Arts Deadly Defence & Attack Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts Yoga Self-Defence Combat Fighting Techniques Tactic Method Created by Grand Master Angel L. Blancia.

It has prevailed the clan system knowing the code represent named Doce Pares Arnis Eskrima Chivalric Arts Cali (Kali) is a symbolisum remarkable moment of Grand Master Angel L. Blancia creator the form of Club Stick, Combat Fighting Blades, Sword Fighting, Deadly Maneuvers, Mât Fighting, Judo, Karate, Kung-Fu, Tai-Chi, Yoga Culture, Massage therapy Hilot Kung Fu Yoga and united into be one at a timed, being the named ( Kung Fu - Judo - Karate Rerstrictive Defense and Attack ) ( Forbidden Oriental Fighting Arts Kung Fu is a Deadly Art in defense and attack ) ( The professional Chivalric Arts Cali (Kali) and Yoga Culture ) ( Kung Fu of Forbidden Oriental Fighting Arts and Yoga Culture ) ( Shobukai Self Defence).

Thousands, Thousands filipino of peoples out some are foreigners, some half blooded, athlets or handicaped, undergone training such as, The gourverment employe, gourvernors, mayors, congressman, Judge, Lawyers, Doctors, Politiciens, Businessman, nurse, soldiers, chiefs, corporal, sergent, colonels, generals, generals forces, professor of different school, pharmacist, flight attendant and others. My late husband Angel L. Blancia taught to Manila, Negros Occidental, Talisay City, Mindanao, Panay Island, Iloilo City, Capiz, Antique, Victorias, Pototan, Passi, Barotoc Nuevo, San Juaquin, Tigbauan, Alkan/Kalibo, Négros/Bacolod, Pangasinan, Mindanao, Masbate, Davao City, Ilocos Sur/Baguio so many city more...

Former Students; Mike Inayan, Caring Inayan, Grace Inayan, Bo Sayoc Baltazar, Dan Inosanto, Ed Mosqueda, Edgar Cordova, Rene Latosa, Canete Family, Richard Bustillo, Angel Cabales((Tukayo) meaning my twin named., Vincent Cabales, Ng,Que, Jarrude, Andrada, Helen Brown, Lameco, Salas, Lopez, Lapez, Locgin, Barredo, Sakedo, Guillano, Muya, Alojado, Botoyong, Aquino, Dizon, Jover, Avancena, Ditras, Bencilia, Sorengan, Villabrille, Sebastien Inosanto, Juan Francisco Benedicto, Leo Giron, Dionosio Canete, Jerson Nene Tortal Sr. / Jr., Leo Tortal, Carlito Lanada, Vanencio Bacon. Bruce Lee, Leo Giron, Leo Gaje Tortal, Dante Basco, Floro Villabrille, Jerson Nene Tortal SR, Jerson Nene Tortal Jr., John Lacoste, Rolland Dantes, Euligio Canete, Florentino Canete, Dionisio Canete, Porferio Lanada, Conrado Canete, Franscisco Benedicto, Remy Presas, Ernesto Presas, Juan Latosa, Pedro Latosa, Bobby Taboada, Max Samiento,Vincent Cabales, Rene Tiongson, Samuel Dulay, Nate Defensor, F Visitacion, Ben Largusa,Family Arsenio, Advincula, Edwin Chiongson, Helen Chiongson, Rodel Dagot, Samuel Dulay, Baron, Gonzalez, Salinas, Illustrisimo, Elmer Ybanez Sr, Jr, , Padilla, Suanico, Simplicio Grino, Corrado Norada, Tony Diego, Tim Maranga, Cabalero, Vic Sanchez, ,Benjamin Lama, Elmer Ybanez Sr, Elmer Ybanez Jr. Tatang, Palmaras, Refael Balmares, Abregana, Raynald Galang, Nick Elizer, Al Dacascos, Sid Ascunsion, Crispillo Atillo, N Babao, Hufana, Yuli Romo, Rey Dionaldo, Gwen Dionaldo, Benjamin Pijuan, Aurora Pijuan, Father of Mike Inayan, Rafael Palmares, Marilou Lacson, Sonny Gascon, Rene Tongson, Ted Lucay Lucay, Jose Go, Robert Cinco, M-Ramon Valez, Jose Miranda, Primo Albano, Saturnio Arcilla, Mating Yunson, Afdor Hitchari, Felix Espinosa, Ralph Sisneros, Tony Sotero, Jaime Basquez, Jaime Abregana Sr, Allan Gonzalez, Arsenio Advincula, Robert Ng,
Family Bolante, Family Abundia,Family Tirador, Family Cocho-Olivares, Family Miranda Jr., Family Dacanay, Family Ramos, Family Cabanero, Family Del Rosario, Family Gonzalez, Family Salinas, Family Illustrisimo, Family Elmer Ybanez Sr.Jr, Family Bacon, Family Cuesta, Family Padilla, Family Suanico, Family Jaime Abregana, Family Galang, Family Tanchuko, Family Lopez, Family Lacson, Family Ledesma, Family Roxas, Family Acosta, Family Olavides Family Asumcion, Family Tajanlangit, Family Alicente, Family Canson, Family Jaruda, Family Monfort, Family Saavedra, Family Fuente, Family Jamandre, Family Mirasol, Family Sapuala, Family Saladar, Family Chaves, Family, Barriestos, Family Tan, Family Nang, Family Aranque, Family Quekey, Family Abila, Family Moreno, Family Cabalan, Family Salas, Family Segrudo, Family Ortego, Family Rubio, Family Legislador, Family Galangher, Family Aquino, Family Abantao, Family Dubios, Family Palmarez, Family Pineda, Family Calaor, Family Tapiador, Family Solano, Family Camarista, Family Batoyong, Family Jacobo, Family Soriano, Family Espinosa, Family Guilliano, Family Boyet Yap, Family Rondaras, Family Balulot, Family Norada, Family Jalandoni, FamilyRoju, Family Sabio
so many more......

A longtimes ago, we the family suffered from violation massive of right of being a human right person in our country. Our life become tragic, since longtimed they made tragic the life of Grand Master Angel L. Blancia starting 1962.

After 7 1/2 years of teaching in entirely Bacolod, Negros-Occidental Island way back 1959 up to 1967. My husband decided to moved on in the city of Iloilo City. In some reason there is someone who wants the life of Grand Master Angel L. Blancia .But Grand Master Angel L. Blancia to avoid murderous will be happen , he ask me to change in another place. He explain me that a myself with his children have assurance to be safe.

I want to have a good life with you and my children, as what I am before being a chivalric task force during World War II. Still the same right now but not being in killing to enemy in order to survive during the world War II. so my theory i need to protect with you being my wife including our children as what he said.

When we are in the city of Iloilo City. The town is quite un-peaceful much of gangstroop fighting each and distrub the community. Loyas what gang is the most rototing troop. In short, they make challange and trying to fight Grand Master Angel L. Blancia cool, relax, patient replied the gangs troop. I'm here in Iloilo not to fighting or challenge anyone of you. But if you want to fighting with me well, i accept with the condition, if you lost you are invited to learn martial arts. So the leader of the gang troop accept the agreement.

The fight was ended Grand Master defeated the Gangs troop. He stayed in Iloilo City and he was become a chief police, at the same time continu his training in martial arts.

A long timed, ago we the family suffered from violation massive of the rights of being a human right person in our country. Since long timed they made tragic the life of Grand Master Angel L.Blancia starting 1962.

The tragic coming of different factors was indeed year 1971 gymn was burned without knowing whose the person was done. Everytime we open the Gymn after populary then someone who negotiate that the owner of that building not to continue and we don't know why in this situation the life leading to calamitous which means stage of meserable and murderous was occured.

I remember that my son John Philippides have mission with the mormon during 1980, its was the first time that my son was very sick during this mission, he is teaching many mormon from USA, Hawai member missionary in Ilocus Sur / Baguio and Pangasinan. It was admitted in Baguio hospital the Doctor told him that he was poison . Its difficult respiration, almost to die coz of pain chest. He was surprise coz he is physically and mentally fit. He stopped mission and was not able to fulfill his misson. When he go back in Iloilo is the starting of John received much of apostacy to their fellows saints mormon coz he was not fulfill.

His mission. John go on his life with the family and never mind the people who disturb him. But he continues his task and training the martial arts until such timed, someone who murdered with him coz the reason, he was killed because of his skill in martial arts. A friend family relay message is a proffesor said to me, Jonh is was in the house last night after two hours left the house, we got to heard the radio that he was killed. Your son revealed that he got a message that his life remains only for seven days; that peoples who want to cut his life is anonymous big organization from another country. My daughter Gloria and I received the same information, she got to heard a student of john is american that her brother murdered by the big organization from another country but everybodys afraid to tell the truth coz they will be die too.

My son Diomedes, he expertise the arnis arts with Club Stick Doce Pares Arnis Eskrima, at his age between 11 to 12 years old he got encounter the young adolescent treet boys outside in the school campus waiting to him and making fighting my son. The street boys using indian target a deadly weapon can killing a person. But because of his expertise in Arnis Doce Pares, he used his two cane to cover his body during the treet boys triking their indian target, blessed he was survive on that violent events some of their fellows classmates in Jalandoni Lapuz High School is the witness how my son used his art to protect himself, way back 1976. His fellows schoolmates knowing my son at his young age he can performed fast and fantanstic movements by using the stick. He is strong physically and hard working because of his popularity many youngs of age making friends with him and my son sharing his skill.

When he is graduated in secondary level, someone who invited with him to work in Coca Cola Company. He accepted that job. After 6 months, he got sick. He got a severe chest pain, until moment by moment he become weak and slim. On that situation i ask my son for check up. He takes the medicine given by the government but sad to say after 8 months he died during the birthday of his father.

My daughter Victoria expert in specialized the dress Martial Arts, she is beautician, choreographer, designer the Philippin Arts. She was hired in different university as a choreograher during their college day. She is the first choreograher search for Miss Iloilo with her assistant Eddie Watas way back 1986. My two daugters Victoria, Gloria is un defeated Choreograher, beautician, designer, trainors during the search of Munting KB since 1983 up to 1988.

My daugther Victoria is physically healthy, strong as well, she working hard and accepted sewing, typing for having ang extra income. She used their money during her schooling in college. She is deligent and fast accuracy in typing got an award in typing sametime in shorthand steno. Because she expertise the typing keyboard letters, as a candidate graduate students a part of the curriculum in the school she was assign in Land Bank Iloilo City , as a aprenticeship of the said bank. The manager appreciated the way she work and most of the timed she gives the food for snack to my daughter. She is graduated year 1988 month of april. After 3 months she got sick, heart pain and mild coughing. I told my daugther for check up the same place with my son Diomedes.

Well the doctor give her anti-boitic with out general check up. So my daughter drink that dosage but after 7 days she got serious. When we brought with her in the hospital she was feel bad and unconciousness.The dosage was given by the doctor is so strong, that anti-biotic was directly affected in her liver sametime she was poison.

The Doctor of my daughter given much of medicine i remember (Argimate)( Dextrose)(Blood Transfussion) everyday she received this kind of medicine. My daughter complain why im more become weaker. She ask me and her sister Gloria to go back in the house cause she is not fell comfortable in the hospital. So we are going to the information desk for that matter that we can go out for awhile, but the nurse was on duty calling her doctor Lopez.

But Portigo her other doctor not accepted. My daughter told me if she died please never pay Dr. Portigo cause he is hypocracy doctor and i dont like him, im going to go back my soul and make him to burst his consciense. You pay only Dr. Lopez cause he is a very good doctor. So my daughter remain in the hospital her asking was not granted. Gloria her sister watching her records most of the timed coz the head nurse is the student of her brother John. Gloria told me about that records but when im going out to visit that woman doctor she was resign and she is going out from abroad.

Dr. Tirador is a student of my late husband, he informed me that all doctors in Iloilo Doctors Hospital does not know what really the sickness of my daugther. He told me please dont allow your daughter that her doctor done operation coz she will trial and error only. We are so hopeless, we are knowing that my daughter is between life and death.

Samuel Butcher extended his hands to help my daughter for further treatment in USA; on that proposal, given us hope that might be my daughter will be survive. We spoken that about the help of Samuel Butcher but the doctor said, she must undergone first to remove the water in her lungs. We accept, so that the doctor allow her to travel, it so sad cause after the doctor done, after 7 hours she wake up, she spoken her sister Gloria and ask favor to wake up mother coz she likes that we will eat our dinner together coz she missed so much that we eat together. Gloria woke me up just 1 minute we turn our head to look at my daughter in her bed, we shock coz she splitting out much of blood, we just thinking its normal coz she received blood transfussion everyday 1000CC pack RBC or fresh blood. But seems its not normal anymore cause she continues splitting the blood with in 10 minutes she suffering the comatose until she died an hour pass. The first time in her life, she got sick . She was admitted in the hospital for almost 23 days and she died the month of november 23 1988 one month after her father death. While my husband on october 21, 1988. Before she died a doctor visit us, and he told me not accept the autopsy.

Everybody surprise what happen to my daughter Victoria cause of her anonymous death. Samuel Butcher received that news that my daughter died; she died of that careless medication. He said you must to bring them in the court for having justice of your daughter, im going to help you to pay your lawyer. But i said i forgiven with them, many doctors are involved and im pity with them if they lost their license. My daugther died already and even do i received justice but the life of my daughter impossible to exist. Friends, relatives, students in Martial Arts knows, what happen to my daughter. Much of peoples knows too that Samuel Butcher, owner of the Precious Moments is the only one who help the family to pay our bill in the hospital year October and November 1988.

After a months, Samuel Butcher got problem in his business in Arevalo.
He was accused that his Precious Moments Doll Company was dealing Shabu. But seems is not true someone who put the drugs of the head of the dolls so that his business will be broken. My daughter Gloria explain and let me remember in this events, Gloria associated with the youngest son of Samuel Butcher, by the named Donald Grey Butcher, he meet my daughter, he visited us in our home and they got together talking, sharing and practice martial arts in a short period of timed. Before he left in the Phillipines, he ask his father to bring his picture and letter and will be given to my daughter Gloria.

Now Gloria, understand why Samuel Butcher was complicated coz he is the only one person who willing to help the family. And his son planning to do something for having a business concerning martial arts together with my daughter.

But because of so many reason what happen in their business in the Philippines was hopeless in Arevalo but still continue in Manila.

For my husband Angel L. Blancia, he is so much healthy, physically hyperactive, strong personality with fantastic chivalry mind. He open the minds of the peoples in the Philippines about Martial Arts. He introduced the differents arts of martial arts. More than a thousands of peoples was undergone training with my husband and im the one who design , sew their uniforms with the help of my daughter Victoria when she is still alive. I remember there are 1st until 7th batch got a blackbelt, doesnt mean they are completed the fundamental basic form of any specialty course they liked. This black belt represent to them to continue pursue in the next module which simplified to masterize of the said form.

Years goes bye; among the thousands students, i remember that only Caring Inayan are keeping it touch with my husband. She invited my husband for coffee, during my husband going in the market early in the morning for buy some foods, he drop by, the Botica Inayan means Pharmacy; which Inayan family business. She offer coffee with my husband. So, i myself with my husband appreciated for that hospitality that Caring done with my husband. We are both thankful for that cause she is the Godmother of my daughter Victoria. I cannot imagine after 1 year, i observe my husband that he become slim, but he is still continue teaching, we dont mind of it coz we had been thinking just part of his teaching, tired and that causes of him to become slim. But another year comes, more he become slim, i told him to have check up. well he had undergone check but the doctor said he got the sickness in kidney trouble.

But my husband said, im feel bad also my chest and my kidney yes i got a pain cause im quite difficult to urinate. Kidney trouble and chest pain was the major illness of my husband which causes of his death. During the burial in my husband, i myself and my daughter Gloria was not able to attend cause my daughter Victoria is between life and death in the hospital. My daughters Gladys, Mercedes and my son John was the responsible to take care the burial of my husband. I remember Caring Inayan was there to share her condolences to the family. My daughter Victoria was died after 1 month of her father death. November 10, 1988; is the burial day of my daughter Victoria. Her Godmother Caring Inayan was there to share again her condolences to her ijada.

My daughter Gloria watching Caring Inayan on that moment in the cementery, she is thinking so much cause during she observe with Caring Inayan is something unusual , she is not feel comfortable something someone whose bothering with her mind that leading for her to become nervous something like afraid for anything. But that was restored the mind of my daugther Gloria, since long timed ago but she told me, her memories is active that can imagine during the past decade on that moment what the personality reaction of Caring Inayan. We the family trying ourselves to overcome the sadness of our life. Gloria, continue training martial arts secretly and a private lesson class.

The former students of my late husband meet my daugther during her teaching. She told me, mother Caring Inayan going in USA to visit her daughter Grace and Mae Inayan same as with her brothers and nephews Mike and jason Inayan.

Since the death of my son, I received the message Gloria is the next. My daughter Gloria Blancia received much of invitation. I spoken my daughter to stop in teaching privately for the meantimed. Im so much happy cause she listen to me. But Ive never told with her that i received the message that she will be the next.

My mind is full to think and difficult to imagine why and how it will happen this in our life. Many things happen since long timed while, im still alive never stop the persecution, psychologic and violant the mind. I cannot understand and we dont know why goes like this; my daughter Gloria always asking the question, she spoken me mother why? the peoples interfere our life, why they find the reasoned to fight with us, why they survey our life ,what we are doing. Much of big question mark in my daughter that even do myself cannot understand whats going on. I told my daughter you are (VIP) very important person. My daughter replied me, why im become (VIP) im not a celebrety, politician rather a rich person that many follows us secrectly and strong curiousity what we are doing to do in our life.

There are times she is getting stress about the tragic in our life but she is continue to trive and go on her life inspite the people wants to broken her life.

My daughter Gloria said: Im hiding myself for almost 9 any half years but still im continues teaching at home, as choreographer, beautician, designer as well as doing massage secretly Hilot Kung Fu Massage & Yoga Therapy Massage) during emergency timed. Being a daughter of Grand Master Angel Blancia i was purely influence in his mannerism being a secretive person. I dont speak anyone, no matter how good we are concerning about the tragic we got. What ive learned is totally secret which ive showned only in the arts of stage shows.

My daughter Gloria received much of invitation as this. Gloria had received an invitation to work in Hong Kong in 2002 as Master in Kung Fu, Taichi, Yoga. Unable to accept because she feeling something. Now, we had known that Bruce Lee died to Hong Kong.

She do sometimes; to help the missionary fellowshiping the members or non members. There are times she teaches the missionary and share her knowledge an immedaite tactics. The missionary always drop by in our house to pick up my daughter for helping with them in looking the investagors. Since my daughter discover in 2005 november the former students of her late father, since my daughter left in the Philippines nobody comes the missionary in our home. I got surprise too; when Batoyung looking our house since long timed ago was not able to visit his Grandmaster approximately 33 years ago, together Armando a former student of my late husband. They come the house and one by one introduced their named. Its long timed ago, why you are here? Batuyong said im newly arrived from vacation while Armando take a vacation too; but he will be going back in Hong-Kong. Its miracle you come in visit us here; yeah!!! we are happy to be here, by the way where is Gloria? Armando said; Ah! she is married now, but she is in Canada now. Why, its good, this year 2006 month of January im going to Canada after finish my work in Hong-Kong. Can i have here address and telephone number can you provide me. I cannot memorize her address sametime her telephone number sorry next time if i can.

But they are roaming around the house, something looking for anything that can see. It was third week of April 2005 when they came at home. When my daughter Gloria give me a call. i spoken about his matter, and she got surprise too: After, some month later, my daughter called me in a long distance phone in saying i got the answered now why our families become tragic since long long timed ago. She said, because of the former students of her Grandmaster they make our lifes become tragic. I remember too: when Armando and Batoyung speaking together i heard pops; my husband, John and the next Gloria. But i never mind that what im heard. But when my daughter Gloria revealed the truth about them i remember again during the death of my son someone who spoken Gloria is the next.

Why no one knows Blancia Family in worldwide.
Now, we do understand more, and got answered
why the persecution, psychologic, insulting, humiliating, criticism, antagonizing secretly, and violent the mind arise in our life's. Secretly, each and everyday, we felt so nervous more tention and unfeel-comfortable that our life's is entirely dangerous that anytime we will be die.

In 1992, a family friend of us (american) is one of the other person knews, my mother as well as myself received secretly that he was killed by a Big organisation globalize from another country.Who is this organisation?

The Blancia family received call for treaten, received information from a friend that someone who planned to broken the family. Afraid that military abusing the family as much as possibility in due the fact are young adolescent and most of them are women.

My Daughter Gloria known as it will be the killed first because it knows all the code of Doce Pares, Blade arts Sword Fighting, Treachery Fighting, Mat Fighting, Combat Fighting Blades, Deadly Maneuver, Kung Fu, Taichi, Yoga Culture that his/her father taught has them in the year 1971 until 1988's.

Gladys received threats of friend family Former Students being instrument of the people who hunting the family Blancia as if her sister Gloria is bound out Canada the people discover that the original it comes from Blancia Family System as those Filipino Martial Arts are popular in different countries leading by the former student of Grand Master Angel L. Blancia all are afraid on the matters and the consequence Gloria revedle the truth had treaten to be die.

My daughter Gloria discover everything the truth, she is my permanent companion when my Late Husband was died, daughter passed away. 38 years past and accumulated before she discovered what caused of tragic in our life. In this situation, our life here with my two daughters, daughter in law together with my grand children are helpless, critical and serious condition. Freely to go out, to speak as a normal human being rights but we are definitely slave secretly that this big organization waiting the chance that we will be die anytime what they want. .

Now we speak the truth and reality about ours untold story, photos of us Former Students. We'll never heard anything in the Philippines concerning us Former Students Filipino Martial Art, and Former Students Chinese Filipino Martial Arts How popular they are.

So those students under their training timed are run away in abroad to explored the Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts Yoga Self-Defence Combat Fighting Techniques Tactic Method. Today, us Former Students came back to Philippines and they use; Movies, tele-series, School Gym,T.V. showtime, Documentary about the Filipino Martial Arts ( to hide the name of my late husband Angel L. Blancia)... by using the actresses, actors, friends, politicians included their young generation family, outside and inside organization with full of moral support of the government of the Philippines.

Filipino Martial Arts Can't Escape Their Past in the Philippines.

Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Filipino Martial Arts,
with the Government in the Philippines
are always at the gate, truth revealed and it hurts
with great embarassment in their integrity.

It is a true blessing, honor and privilege, is a true treasure to discovered ours former students Filipino Martial Arts and Chinese Filipino Martial Arts worldwide in 2005 From my sister Gloria Blancia. Its great to kniwn and We cherish ever moment of it. Your dedication and your love for the history of our system honors us.The Forbidden Oriental Fighting Arts Deadly Defence & Attack Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts Yoga Self-Defence Combat Fighting Techniques Tactic Method..

Message from honest,loyalty Former Students and friends
of Late Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia.

""There are lots of us who are still alive here in Panay Island, Negros Occidental in the Philippines that have been associated with the great Grand Master Angel Lumogdang Blancia of Culasi Antique when he was still alive and we highly esteem him. We are very concerned about this real story, Yes, we are serious.

With the thoroughness on the details of we researches, in due time, we believe they has still a lot of expose's/bombs on hand to nail down the propagated Filipino Martial Arts Kali, Chinese Martial Arts (Chinese Filipino) Myth that deluded lots of innocent and sincere Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts lovers and enthusiasts especially outside the Philippines."""

We are here to go on, to speak the reality coz we believed ourselves.
“Now, Blancia still alive and exist in this Martial Arts WorldWide.

I am very impressed with all practitioner in the worldwide. It's an honor for me to Salute all of you. I am really grateful to known you. Best wishes Forever. Madame Monserrat G. Blancia.

Filipino Martial Arts Cannot Escape
Their Past during their training timed Philippines
With my Late Husband with my sons & daughters.

A lot of these gentlemen & women Former Students of my Late Husband, my late two sons & daughters (Filipino Martial Arts groups) are also very annoyed by ours untold stories and photos.

The lie that was the Philippines history about Filipino Martial Arts with " Lapu Lapu & Magellan" nor " Dr. Jose Rizal (Filipino Chinese) " books, magazine, movies, tele-series, documentary, interviews are false. The most awaited part is about " Doce Pares" . Is one of the most controversial "Historian" as now a days. A complicated stories for the Filipino`s in terms of Lapu Lapu History. As a typical Filipinos we learned history from in school.
"Pigafetta and Ginés de Mafra provided written documents
of the events culminating in Magellan's death:
During the resulting Battle of Mactan against native forces led by Datu Lapu-Lapu, Apparently, Magellan was shot by a poisonous arrow and then he was ambushed and killed by Filipino warriors with spears and other weapons."

Us Former Students Filipino Martial Arts, Chinese Filipino Martial Arts have used books, magazine, movies, tele-series, documentary, interviews; etc... are all just products of propaganda false statements (conspiracy and corruption) towards the practitionner of martial arts, the worldwide and today the whole Philippines to cover the name of my late husband is to destroy us.

Order to Penetrate The Underground Agenda Behind The Closed Door & The Consequences Genocide Blancia Family in using Secretly the Alibi.

It's hard to believed that the goodness of Late Legendary Grand Master Angel
L. Blancia with his entire families was abusing by his former students
. I'll share this to those former students are traitor to the Blancia
System....To those traitor you deserve it but not the faithful student's.

Gloria Blancia Artifact's Exposed:
Grand Master Angel L Blancia With Former student Dan Inosanto

In 2006, So far we've got so much information (from honest Former Students staying in abroad) about us former Students. Everytime, Dan Inosanto, Ciriaco Canete's (often together) visited secretly ours following students while they're in abroad. And kept reminding with them not to tell about the Blancia System. Therefore, do you have idea why they're not allowed to speak about the Blancia System?
Im not surprised if they cant to speak as what they want but those are involved with this grouped association easily can govern, control people (us Former Students & friends family Blancia )in the Philippines, those who are not (honest students or firends family), their association remain silent or else will be die (family, friends).

My daughter Gloria Blancia discovered the following student of her father (GM) Angel L.Blancia (Dan Inosanto). It was a big shock, in her part, had seen the code of her Grand Master was written inside the Kung-Fu Magazine November 2005 (Doce Pares).

Gloria Blancia said: I met "Dan Inosanto" at his age 65 with "Rick Tucci" when i was in the Philippines. It was July 2001, they got a sort demonstration Kali and "Dan Inosanto" perform "Tai-Chi" i was there at that time. I had a chance to speak with him and my first greating is "Do you know Mr. Angel L. Blancia" ? he was surprised my greetings, not felt comfortable & impossible to replied. He become speechless with in 1minute but my patience is quite cool still waiting his answered. Before he speak he look around if anyone is there beside him ,then, he replied me, is still alive? i said no. At that timed much of different nationality over there. When he was performed of the said art, im not surprised although they make it revised but it was and common in my part that all the time ive seen that in actual before and after to my big sisters, brothers and above all to my father. Im not yet born when his father got training in privately but "Dan Inosanto" got training with the group of Chinese same as Filipino Chinese.

Gloria said: My family never forget "Dan Inosanto coz , he is the only one student staying long timed in the gymn although, the student had gone already but still, he remain inside the gymn sometimes there is no lights anymore and sometimes he clean the blackboard and some areas of the academy. So far i got a real pic of him together with his " Grand Master Angel L. Blancia".

Lying or omitting the truth towards our practitioner martial arts in the worldwide, leads us getting in trouble. Besides, lies lead to other lies at sooner or latter we will be discovered as today. Sometimes might be too late for them to help us, even if they try hard to do as much as possible to get us out of the problems. even if they will continue to love us no matter what ( family & friends). Presently, That's happen to our Former Students to deny their origin.

But now, Conspiracy & Corruption between Filipino Martial Arts widespread under Arroyo administration the President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo officially signed on December 11, 2009 Republic Act No. 9850 which declared arnis as the country's national martial art and sport but the Government in the Philippines, Houses of Congress, Philippine Olympic Committee (POC), the Philippine Sports Commission, the national-based Sports Program promulgated by the Department of Education, all in coordination with ARPI, etc... dont recognized again the name of Creator Late Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia, it's so amazing!!!!!!

If President Nonoy Aquino wanted to change and delete the Conspiracy & Corruption. He must to take action about ours case. It he remain silent, our government will be the same as what administration before.


Filipino Martial Arts insulting, humiliating, criticism their only one Grand MasterAngel L. Blancia and Blancia Family all.

Behind the closed door to Iloilo City area Arevalo, Philippines.

Forbidden Oriental Fighting Arts Kung Fu Martial Arts
Club Stick Doce Pares Arnis Eskrima Cali (Kali)

Secrecy Forbidden Oriental Fighting Arts
Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts
Club Stick Doce Pares Arnis Eskrima

Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts Yoga Ballet Dance
Club Stick Doce Pares Arnis Eskrima
from Philippines

Grand Master Gloria Blancia a Mastery Techniques
of Footworks and Stick Arts.
"Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts "


Biography of my late sons & daughter

Speaking of late Ma. Victoria G Blancia biography was very memorable one to her family and friend.

Ma Victoria Blancia was the youngest daughter in the family.She was born on April 15, 1968 in Lapaz,Iloilo City.She finished her primary school in Bo.Obrero Elem.

School,and graduated her elementary in Graciano lopez Jaena.

She continued her high school in Iloilo City High School and graduated her secondary sch. said school.

After schooling high school she took Vocational course in Dona Josefa Foundation School.She took beauty culture,dress making and she very successful.While studying she got costumer to sew their pants, dressess, gowns,etc.especially in make up.

After her schooling she was very famous many came for contestant as queen, my daughter to train them.It nice to hear that the contestant she trained always woned as a queen and the rest she trained first runner up.Every year the barangay got the events the same as usual they hired my daughter to train their contestant in modelling talent casual and also their speakers.Still the contestant she trained was the winner.She become famous on this matter.

In Saint Paul College she was the best example of her teacher being the best expert in typing short hand and accounting and was awarded for being such.

School ends and Victoria was very happy she was able to reach the goal what she was aiming for.

Within a period of eight months after her college graduation as Secretarial she was always busy sewing,teaching contestant for the fiesta to be queens.She got sicked.Very rapidly she become weaked.I took her to the doctor.she was given medicine for her recovery but the question was the medicine prescribed to her gave her bad development on her health, she became yellowist. so I took her to the hospital.

The doctor diagnosed her said overdose in the medicine she took,so she was admitted in the hospital immediately good assistance was given to her or the helped of five doctors, but no development.We stayed 27 days in Doctors Hospital.Nothing was done good but came to worse and my daughter lost her last breath in the hospital in November 23, 1988.

i never taught my daughter will die cause speaking of medicine we supplied immediately with the care of five doctors,thats why i said the biography of my late Ma. Victoria,was memorable tragic one unforgettable.

Forbidden Oriental Fighting Arts
Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts
from iloilo city in the Philippines

The biography of my son Diomedes G.Blancia was very memorable and meaningful also.

Diomedes G.Blancia was born in La Carlota Negros Occidental on February 21,1964.As a mother I named him Diomedes cause I loved to see to hear Diomedes singing.

It thrills me both my body and mind thats who i named my 4th child Diomedes.

When he grown up at the age of understanding Diomedes was very industrious.In school their teachers loves him very much cause of being respectful, understanding to his fellow classmates and friends very helpful.

Very good dancer that he caught the attention of the crowd even the how busy the occassion was.

Good in Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts Doce Pares he taught him, so her late father made him his right hand in teaching Doce Pares.He graduated his elementary school in Bo,Obrero Elem.Sch.and continued his high school in Iloilo Provincial High School.He was very famous that many make friends with him that he shared the talent he got from his father without the knowledge of his father.

He often join3d the contest in the barangay where the fiesta was and always the winner of the said contest.Diomedes was the eye catcher of the crowd in places wherever he went cause in the gathering when the music played he dance it with Kung fu dance.many stopped on the go and looked at him full of happiness and inspiration.

After High School he was able to work in Coca Cola Plant.The work was heavt for him to left up a case of coca cola.By doing this for almost six months, he got hungry, he only drink softdirnks. so he got sicked of T.B or Tubercolusis.

he didnt stayed longer and he died on November 18,1988 on the birth of his late father.

Sad to say my son Diomedes death was very memorable and meaningful one cause im always reminded of his death when his late father birth came,i was not able to witness the burial of my late husband cause my youngest daughter late Ma.Victoria was very ill in the Iloilo Doctors Hospital.

Forbidden Oriental Fighting Arts
Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts
Sword Fighting Blade Arts of Samourai

It was in the month of June 24,1960 a handsome baby boy open the gate of life to live.The concerned was one John Philippides G,Blancia.

My father was late Mr.Angel L.Blancia Grand Master of KUNG FU.He was also master of different Arts such as,Taichi, Doce Pares, Yoga postures etc.

My mother is Mrs.Monserrat G.Blancia a TEACHER before, my parents named me Philippides, happy for them the name i got cause my late father said:philippides was the famous artist, the fastest runner who saved Athens from ruined".

My mother was the very happy having me a healthy and handsome baby boy.

At the age of four years old 4 years old, my late father taught me Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts, Doce Pares. Taichi,Yoga etc.

On my elementary grades my cousins were laughing at ,me cause I can hardly read and recite in the class.So my mother incouraged me to accept the invitation of our relatives to go with him every Sunday to learn BIble lessons.By doing so being deligent to learn the words of God.I cant believed it was very amazing,many appreciated Im good in speaking English.For being such others told me that seriously to learn.All their comments I dont mind it.In the classroom some of my classmate laughted at me cause i spoke English, so my teacher said---you laughted at Philippides but in the long run Philippides will be benifitted for as a good speaker in English.

I graduated my elementary school in Bo.Obrero Elem.School, but I go on attending the Sunday school of the baptist church, I growned spiritually little by little until later the Eglisia ni Cristo Church were having their quorum every week ends and they invited different churches to atted the quorum.Im one of the invited.

Amazed the following morning im the talked of the barangay to challenge in the quorum satifactorily my parents didnt knew all about it.The kagawad of our barangay told me that John was the talked of the community cause she was the youngest but was the best among the many speaker about the Bible.

On my High scholl days my late father enrolled me at ISAT(Iloilo School of Arts and Trade)

In my first year I learned about electricity.good it was effective eventhough i learned little about it cause it helps me a lot to earn money bu fixing flat iron of the priest in our barangay.The money i earned i bought rice.Surprised to them, my mother was very happy that at the start of my High School, eventhough its not to great I was able to harvest the fruit of my toil.

Here in ISAT Im very serious and studious in my studies.English contest in our school was raised up in the whole campus among all departments.

Im only 2nd year to bit college student,My teacher requested me to jopin the contest, so i requested my mother to write my speech eventhough shw was not feeling will.

In short, i cant believed it im the champion in competition.My mother suggested that being the president of English club, i will impose the student to speak English in the school campus, caught not speaking English should fine (1 peso) for every world spoken.When the money collected you buy a big watch to hang at the center of the school campus so that everybody could availed it.

Will this situation everybody will happy cause it was a big helped for them to be on time in their classroom.

I became famous in the school that the teacher in Boy scout appointed me a Scout leader.

On my 4th year, I transferred in ILoilo Provincial High School.Here my teacher in charge loves me very much, making our classroom the cleanness and beautiful one so I become again famous in this school of being religious specially in Martial Arts.

I was the school commander of night classess.The school end and Im happy I was able to graduate my High school.

My father being the instructor of different Martial Arts I helped him.We often go out with a FloorShow in different towns of Iloilo. also in the province of Bacolod with 70-30% for the sponsors.Very thrilling with students.

I was not able to stayed long cause I was called by the Lord to serve as Missionary.

Missionary worked was enjoyable, very meaningful bringing the words of God to the multitude to help people to be righteous.As a Missionary i got always the highest baptism to the place where even i was assigned,but sad to say i didnt last long cause i got i went home eventhough i was not able to finish my three years term.

I rested for almost a year.When i recovered i continued helping my father to teach martial Arts.Okey its good and enjoyable many friends good income,but my mothe advised me to continue my studies, so i enrolled in Cabalum Institute taking Business Ad.I was elected Pres.of the whole campus.Im okey in my studies but i was interrupted of the invitation to teach ISAT and my schooling was stopped. Until later i was able to land a job in Jonathan and David Inc. of the Philippines thru the helped of my mother a security guard of the Mansion owned by MR.Sam Butcher.

Working for almost 2 yrs. I got married to Miss Ma.Linda Tabago the daughter of chief Police of Tubungan Domingo Tabago.

We lived happily with my wife and was able to have a 3 kids 2 girls and 1 boy, named:Kate,Kenny and Kimbot.

Unluckily the company were i workek was closed so i stayed in the place of my wife jobless.I cant managed myself being jobless so i land a job a security guard of Negros Navigation in Muelle Loney.I loved my worked and enjoyed it.

My wife its a blessing to give birth of our third child.So i leave in my worked, In my absent something happened.Goods stored in the Bodega was stolen.They looked who have done but in vained.

When my wife was able to regain her strenght i reinstated to work, for almost 2 weeks back to work another inccident happened, the goods of the bodega was stolen,I being honest to my worked,.I reported who stolen it,(inside job).

A week after,, i reported, i was in delimma cause the concerned hunted me to kill.

The prophecy of my late son Philippides come true and that on April 8,1992. he was shot by Filipino at the back one arm lenght by the shotgun, dead on the spot.John Philippides Blancia was the successor of his late father Angel L.Blancia. the first Filipinos creator of Forbidden Oriental Fighting Arts Deadly Defence and Attack Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts Yoga Self Defence Combat Fighting Techniques Tactic Method. ,Doce Pares,Taichi,,etc in ILOIlO-BACOLOD since 1959 up of his last breath.

A Legendary Grand Master Angel L. Blancia Years 1930, until his death, month of November( year 1988 ) succeed by his sons & daughters ; Diomedes 1965 -1984, Gladys G. Blancia, Jann Philippides 1960-1992, Victoria G, Blancia 1968-1988. Succeeding by his daughter Gloria Blancia Thirnish until today.

Master John Philippides G. Blancia.


Why there are 4 causes of un-explainable tragic.
The strong is tragic slash intentionally to the life
of Grand Master Angel Blancia never stop
until his two sons was murdered included his daughter.

Gloria said: It was notorious tragic in the family. Unforgettable experienced in our life. However, there is someone who whispered to my mother secretly that they was killed because of their skill in Martial Arts. Whereas, im the next and my family because i speak the true and reality about ours story.

It has been a long long timed had passed and accumulated no one honored their ( GM Angel L. Blancia ) as well as the whole Blancia System. Thus, everyone denied intentionally by betraying, antagonizing secretly, eventually by forgetting their " Grand Master Angel L. Blancia ".

In this situation was causes of un-explainable tragic life striking the Blancia System. His family included his wife Monserrat Blancia, with whom he had a daughters Hertrudes and Victoria and a sons, Diomedes and Philippides would eventually follow in his father`s footsteps, becoming a martial arts artist, was poison, murdered.

In April 02, 1992 at around 9:00 PM. Agonized and painful, in our part to lost someones at 4th times around of mysterious death. Perhaps, my mother almost lost her consciousness when she heard that his son "John Blancia" was shot fatality.

Gloria said: Early in the morning, we bound to the funeral parlor where my brother was there. It was unpleasant moments in my life had seen an actual serious violent received of my brother especially his body majority was broken in front where his chest sternum was fracture as well his heart goes out which made by finishing shot but the first shot was fatality in his spinal column was totally broken.

But a timed of ass assinated of my brother `` John Philippides ``. His death is not enough but they make again a story to broken him in the media, radio, allegation without consultation and his entire family. Mark my word, the word ( forgiveness ) is not my prestige personality. Ive forgot the word forgiveness. Limitation and stop to kill my family is important.

When my loves ones especially my brother Jann Philippides Blancia is lost in a voilent way, he was murdered. A family friend of us (american) is one of the other person knews, my mother as well as myself received secretly that he was killed (by a Big organisation globalize from another country) because of his skill in Martial Arts. On that following allegation, im the next since 1992 because of ours skill in martial arts especially as of now, i speak the truth and reality about ours story.

My daughter Gloria Blancia.

Grand Master Gloria Blancia
Forbidden Oriental Fighting Arts
Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts
Animal Forms Style

Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts
is the art of nature forms from
Grand Master Gloria Blancia
Iloilo City, Philippines.

Grand Master Gloria Blancia:
The Legend surreality of
Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts Yoga

Grand Master Gloria Blancia:
Combative Sword defense & attack
Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts Yoga

Gloria Blancia Grand Master:
Forbidden Oriental Fighting Arts
Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts
Empty hands form.

Grand Master Gloria Blancia
Forbidden Oriental Fighting Arts
Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts Dance
Known as Tai-Chi

Grand Master Gloria Blancia
Kung Fu Filipino Martial Arts Yoga
Posture Exercises
from Iloilo City Philippines

(Ilongo version)
Composed and Sang by Madame Monserrat G Blancia.

Tracing the past right after the present we will go on :
where ever we are (BLANCIA FAMILY)
(Sept-iles P.Q. Canada & Iloilo City, Panay Island Philippines)
Us Former Students will follows secretly to using friends, family
anytime, anywhere
as a part of their future
to seek and find
the Blancia Family (To Sept-îles and Iloilo City)


"Hilot" Kung Fu Massage and Yoga Therapy Massage Curative

Both “Kung - Fu & Yoga Therapy Massage” known as “ HILOT “. It's provide us the values of techniques by combining them as one. A traditional form of massage by applying the nature art of pressure points.

"Hilot" Kung Fu Massage and Yoga Therapy Massage

The Grand Master Angel L. Blancia
The creator of Miracle Healing Arts "HILOT" CURATIVE.
of the Philippines.

In order not to be expelled the origin arts of "Hilot" Grand Master Gloria G. Blancia developed and expertise secretly the effective art's of “ Hilot” similitude from his father GM Angel L. Blancia.

"Healing Art" known as "Hilot". Meaning, a nature art of ( PP ) "Pressure Points". In terms of massage by "touching and triking both are healing art majority in the whole system of the human body. Created by (GM Angel L. Blancia). Absolutely: Grand Master Angel Blancia cured much of people during the past decade. There are some clients until now are still alive most probably are old enough but still remain and impossible to forget their Maestro Angel L. Blancia. Mrs Helen Brown (Filipina American Founder Filipino American Library) got a problem about her posture. She is suffering "Kuba" as buktot. For sure; is one of the patient of "Grand Master Angel Blancia ". Believe it or not , she was cured thru massage technique.

He renowned the extreme power of Hilot .
He hailed much of people in the Philippines.
It was remarkable & honorable moments,
as well as his client amazed that.

Hilot in the nature arts of healing process
which included the aspect of physiological function
that serve protection against harm from disease.

* Known as “ Hilot “. A healing techniques was formerly originated from his late ancestor way back 18th century.
It is one of the first therapeutic massage exist in the Philippines before; a traditional healing existence in the 19th and attributed by GM Angel L. Blancia, as integral part of his Blancia family tradition being the 1st grandson as well as the first inheritor from his late ancestor.

* He proclaimed the martial arts included “ Hilot”. Hilot is a nature art of pressure points simplify by Grand Master Angel L. Blancia. A qualities of hands techniques thru touching and striking both are healing arts that can carry out of a natural way of healing process.

* Away of massage and thus, both science assist; in the development of the individual. It is a process of immediate “ First Aid Method “ according to GM. Angel L. Blancia. * He explored the word “ HILOT” as integral part of culture introduced by his late ancestor.

* A nature art of healing was known by Grand Master Angel L. Blancia since long timed ago.

* He renowned the extreme power of “ Hilot “. He hailed much of people in the Philippines. It was remarkable & honorable moments, as well as his client amazed that healing arts includes the aspect of physiological function that serve protection against harm from disease.

*Most of his patients most probably classified as a medical staff inquisitive about the nature art of healing process. Some, do Yoga training integrated as a part of their knowledge as Physician.

A miracle healing was endured by GM Angel L. Blancia. An integral part of culture that was not recognized by the “ DOT “ Department of Tourism in the Philippines at his timed.

Both “Kung - Fu & Yoga Therapy Massage” known as “ HILOT “. It's provide us the values of techniques by combining them as one. A traditional form of massage by applying the nature art of pressure points. In my father experienced is a marvellous education in my life for what i've learned from him. Miracle healing process that can be used anytime, anywhere, everywhere at all times.

As one of his daughter, i loved the way he hailed. Simple but miraculous & effectively. He cured the following symptom nor sickness in a natural way of healing process.

Totally, im so impressed what my father taught us. It was recorded inside my memory when im started to saw him in actual how to cured the people when i was five years old at that timed.

How ever “ Hilot” training is not only a months nor a matter of years. It has been along timed before you can be expertise the healing arts of techniques.

In order to become a “ Hilot “ massage therapist you should exposed in the deepest part of sickness that most probably impossible to cured.

You need thousands of test by making actual massage application in a person who suffered pain long time ago that even do his / her physician nothing to do about it (impossible to help them). As part of my experienced such more than a years from now. I believe the more sickness you cured the more knowledgeable you're.

In addition,” Hilot “ is not easy job. Is not a joke nor playing the health system of the human body.

A wrong practice can caused of damage as the result of dying.

A true “ Hilot “ known as “ Kung–Fu & Yoga Therapy Massage. It was proven in tested since 18th century until today.

(CPR - TMC) Curative, Preventive, Retentive Therapeutic Massage Clinic; applause to welcome you all. Knowned as Hilot Kung-Fu & Yoga Massage Therapy.

( CPRT ) Curative- Preventive- Retentive -Therapeutic known as "Hilot " Kung-Fu Yoga Massage Therapy

Curative - Preventive - Retentive - Therapeutic Known as Hilot Kung Fu & Yoga Massage Therapy. ( CPR,T ) Therapeutic are healing process which is deals with the study of human body, biological and social components (anatomy, physiology, sociology, psychology) and in addition it is a specialized form of ( physical therapy, skeletal, Motricity, Muscular, Mobility, Endurance, Neurological, Rehabilitation, vein problems and blood circulation, etc. ....)

It is;
Therapeutic, Curative, Preventive & Retentive

A) It is Therapeutic healing arts.
b) It is Curative protection harm from disease.
c) It is Preventive avoiding from sickness / disease.
d) It is Retentive maintain physically & mentally fit.

Gratitude for the wonderful blessing that i shared my knowledge in Hilot Kung-Fu & Yoga Massage Therapy. 100% it's really help a lot. It is curative, preventive , retentive therapeutic massage therapy.

A true Hilot relief the deepest sickness of a person.
Effectively in any manners of symptoms such as
illnesses classified as follow; minor and major part,
and now; resident to Sept-iles, P.Quebec in the Canada.

When it comes to chronic pain ( devastating condition), can lead to stress, depression and anxiety, there is (One particular approach), this alternative medicine therapies is (Hilot Kung Fu Yoga Therapy Massage Curative Preventive, Retentive and Therapeutic). Find a reputable practitioner Grand Master Gloria Blancia, helps people about their chronic pain.

It is the ability and capacity to cured such as;

numbness, stiffness, slight dislocation, dislocation of the bones, ligaments and muscle tendon problem, poor energy of blood circulation, blockage in the flow circulation of the blood, bone snap, protruding of the bone, obvious deformities, tingling, pain as “ electric “, painful movement such as arms and / legs, back pain, muscle strain, muscle pain, cramps and so forth.

A true Hilot relief the deepest sickness of a person. Effectively in any manners of symptoms such as illnesses classified as follow; minor and major part of ;

Dislocation, Nerve Tension, Chronic Muscle Tension, Back-ache, Alleviates Stress, Alleviates Immune System, Rehabilitates Muscular & Joint Injuries, Chest Pain, Dis-order of the Blood Circulation, Muscle Strain, Difficulties in Breathing, Prevention Against Nerve Sciatic, Hernia, Prevention Against Paralysis, Prevention Against Osteoporosis, Prevention Against Parkinson's Disease.

It was proven as a human being we are subject to be sick in the following reason; This is and common that most of the time; we cannot avoid some circumstances that happen in our daily life. There are times that we got a minor rather a serious accident either among one of them.

A.) Major and Minor Accident B.) Common faults of catching C.) Too much Fat & Cholesterol D.) Lack of Sleep E.) Tiredness most often F.) Too much driving G.) Repetition movement H.) Too much exercises I.) Too much stretching J.) Common faults of movement K.) Common faults of walking L.) Common faults of posture M.) Common faults of bending N.) Common faults of jumping O.) Common faults of balance P.) Common faults of twisting Q.) Common faults of Kicking R.) Common faults of punching S.) Common faults of dancing T.) Conjugal fighting U.) Too much carrying heavy things V.) Sport Accident W.) Too much work X.) Too much setting down Y.) Too much standing Z.) Lack of exercises. .....scoliosis and many more.....

Fall / diving accident / crashes

Vein and blood circulation problems
The malfunction of the veins is characterized by an insufficient return blood to the heart due to an alteration of the wall of the vein.

Headache (headache)
To relieve migraines and headaches of cervical origin acute and chronic.

Neck pain:
to relieve acute or chronic neck pain

Pain shoulders
to relieve pain from acute or chronic shoulder

Back pain:
to relieve acute or chronic back pain

Sciatic pain:
to relieve sciatic nerve pain in leg

Pain feet
to relieve pain in the leg, knee, feet
acute or chronic.

From now and then; until today:

Hilot, is a way of life's. Physically, Mentally, Socially, Emotionally, Politically & Spiritually. Considering these six aspects, it can be said; the ability to live a health satisfying and useful life.

Video Hilot Kung Fu Yoga Massage Therapy Curative.

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